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The recent lockdown and COVID-19 crisis has proven difficult in Morocco. The Amal team is proud to share the work we have been doing, with your financial help to keep Marrakechi’s fed.

Dear friends of Morocco,

It is with a full heart that I share with you the amazing progress of the “Hope for 1000 families” campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we have delivered food to 2000 families! That’s twice our initial and already ambitious goal (ambitious in the best sense of the word 🙂 We wrapped up the fundraiser at the end of June with enough funds to feed over 2000 families for 2 weeks.

Our efforts are ongoing to continue to provide relief to those affected. I can’t tell you what an incredible experience it’s been to be able to offer this service during one of the most difficult times we’ve ever seen Moroccans experience. There is something so primordial about sharing food and making sure people are fed. I thank you all for your kind hearts and flowing generosity. I pray that each of you feels the blessing’s return in abundance both materially and spiritually. Now the lockdown has lifted and life is gradually returning to a weird kind of normal.

We did not take many photos and videos of the food drive during the lockdown, we were just in a different frame of mind of survival for our community without much thought to creativity, social media or what have you. Which explains this long overdue thank you and update. Once it was lifted we were able to get our video guy, Abderrahim Bouglas, to come out and document the food drive, to capture a bit of the raw emotion of it and so we could have a record of this incredibly intense and unprecedented time for later.

As for Amal, we reopened for takeout and delivery on June 15th. We lost the majority of our revenue generating activities (cooking classes, busy restaurant, catering). It feels the same as it did when Amal first opened back in 2013 (we had 4 customers the very first day, and we’re back to not much more than that now). It’s a heavy feeling, but I know that we are not alone in sustaining a major blow to business. And we are already planning new projects and ways to adapt to the new reality.

We are trying to embrace the creative possibilities here, rather than succumb to despair. It is truly a test of faith and making the best of whatever may come. One nice thing we have decided to keep doing is to give away 1 sandwich to the needy and hungry in our community for each meal sold.

The pandemic brought us all together in such a beautiful bittersweet way and we don’t want to lose that feeling quite yet. So we carry it forward as our contribution to building the new post-covid world. Sending you all a socially distanced greeting! And hoping that we will sit together at Amal one day sipping on mint lemonade and eating couscous!

Nora and the Amal team

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