Training in the classroom

Amal works with many trained professionals to offer a variety of classes for our trainees after working hours in order to complement their training in the restaurant.  Our trainees work in the restaurant from 8:30-4:00 and have classes from 4:00 on.

We offer regularly scheduled classes in:

  1. Arabic- for literary purposes
  2. French- for communication in the restaurant and taking orders
  3. English- for communication
  4. Life skills and conflict resolution
  5. Kitchen Hygiene
  6. Nutrition
  7. Personal health

Our classroom teachers include professional language teachers, doctors, chefs, trained life skill coach, managers at other restaurants, psychologists, and lawyers. We are thankful for everyone who gives their time and comes to Amal to teach our trainees!

Support Us

Your donation can equip our trainees with the tools necessary to feel empowered and successful in the workplace