Special Classes

Besides our regularly scheduled classes in our classroom, Amal partners with local organizations and international professionals to offer special classes to our trainees!

We partner with La Ferme Equestre Tensift, a local horse farm, for free riding classes for our trainees. We found that horseback riding lessons both are therapeutic and fun for our trainees. Our trainees experience many emotions throughout the course: joy, laughter, fear, pride of defeating this fear, and love for riding.

We also partner with a local Reiki group who offers our trainee free Reiki sessions. The goal of this is to provide some rest and energy for our trainees.

Salima Raoui, an artist who pioneered the Art Being and Becoming methodology, offered several art therapy workshops to our trainees.

In November 2014 Saiqah Amin, a cake decorator from Lemontree Cakes in Bradford, UK came to Amal to teach speciality cake decorating. Our trainees learned how to make birthday cakes, cupcakes, and flowers with beautiful designs.

In Feburary 2015 a nutritionist doctor came with her chef and did a cooking demonstration teaching our trainees how to make healthy food, replacing some common unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives.

In April 2015, American Chef Eric Hustad came to Amal and offered a special course to our trainees and staff about American cuis. This event,

In May 2015, Melanie Royal of Royal Designs came and taught our trainees how to make Moroccan wall stencils. Our trainees first went to a local Moroccan gallery and were exposed to wall and stencil designs. The following day our trainees got hands-on and made their own designs for Amal.

In May 2015, Mariana Roigé of Terapia a l’abast came to teach our trainees how to do yoga in our center. It was everyone’s first time doing yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

If you are a trained professional in arts, health, or speciality foods, and are interested in donating your time with us, we would love to have you in our classroom! Please email us at amalnonprofit@gmail.com ! Thank you!

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