Amal has 2 training centers in Marrakesh, Morocco: One is in Guéliz and the other in Targa.

Our centers typically welcome 30 ladies every 6 months.

Our program offers the trainees a platform where they can enhance their capacities and earn new skills. Our trainees should: 1- be  older than 18 and  younger than 35 years, 2- have no income or very low income, 3- be motivated to learn and work and 4- take adventage of the tools available at Amal to improve their skills.

When trainees are selected they start a 6-month training program to learn all aspects of the restaurant industry and secure a job. They will go through different kitchen stations to learn variable things such as salads, sauces, desserts, cooking, baking, cleaning and serving. In addition, they will attend classes to learn hygiene, security, service, French, English and other soft skills.

The trainees will go to an internship after 4 months of training. Then will be offered jobs in restaurants, hotels, riads, private homes to secure a job that will allow them to be financially independent.

Amal will take care of living expenses during the whole period of the training provided that the trainee respects the regulation and discipline of Amal.

After finishing the program, our trainees are not asked to pay back anything. All we want from them is to become successful and happy!