Hanane had an arranged marriage at a young age. She was separated from her family and country when her husband decided to move to Egypt to find a job. They lived in Egypt for two years but he never was able to find a steady job.

One day Hanane’s husband died suddenly in a car accident, leaving her alone in a foreign country with two babies. After a lot of hard work, she was able to gather just enough money to return back to Morocco. With the burden of two babies to support, she had to find odd jobs here and there. Hanane’s mother graciously volunteered to live with her in order to take care of her children for the periods while she had work. Hanane realized that having odd jobs and unstable jobs was not enough to support two adults and two babies. She decided she wanted to gain specific skill that will get her a stable job.

This is why Hanane came to Amal. After four months of training in the kitchen and finding support among the other trainees, Hanane graduated the program this spring. She currently has a full time job at a Riad in Marrakech and is able to provide for her two children and mother independently.

Amal helps women improve their lives. Thank you for supporting us in this mission.  #amalforwomen

Training Program

We empower trainees like Hanane to gain tools for her to succeed in the world of work

Training In The Restaurant

Our trainees work in our restaurant to gather real life experience through learning how to prep, cook, serve and work to develop skills in a professional setting.

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Training In The Classroom

Amal, working with many trained professionals, offers classes to our trainees in order to complement their training in the restaurant and beyond

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Special Classes

Besides regularly scheduled classes in the classroom, Amal partners with local organisations and international professionals to offer special classes for our trainees!

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