We take care of your events

Catering is an activity that Amal has developped to generate revenue to fund our training program.

We have developped the know-how to cater to small and big events. We have catered in Marrakech and outside Marrakech for parties from 20 to 225 people.

Among people who used Amal’catering, we count schools, institutes, companies, museum, local and international NGOs and private people.

We offer customised menus no matter what the event:
Birthday Parties
Special events
Amal family will arrange and select for you a menu that delights and at the same time will cost a little budget.

We encourage you to get in touch with one of our members to talk about the details of your event before we send you a quote.


Training Program

Beyond the cooking classes, we empower women to gain tools for them to succeed in the world of work

Training In The Restaurant

Our trainees work in our restaurant to gather real life experience through learning how to prep, cook, serve and work to develop skills in a professional setting.

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Training In The Classroom

Amal, working with many trained professionals, offers classes to our trainees in order to complement their training in the restaurant and beyond

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Special Classes

Amal partners with local organisations and international professionals to offer special classes for our trainees!

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