Bake With Us!

Indulge your sweet tooth, Amal is now offering Moroccan baking classes! Join our training champions to learn how to make a few different types of Moroccan pastries. You can choose one of the following treats for your class:

  • Gazelle horns
  • Ghoriba
  • Briwate
  • Baghrire
  • Msemmen
Baking classes are available in four languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. The rate per person is 300 dirham and only 150 dirham for kids under 10. Class runs from 2 to 4 p.m., and at the end you get to sit and enjoy the treats you just learned to make. You will also take home a 250-gram box with each type of pastry.
So make your tummy happy while supporting a great social cause. (Just leave your diet at home for the day, though!)

Training Program

Beyond the cooking classes, we empower women to gain tools for them to succeed in the world of work

Training In The Restaurant

Our trainees work in our restaurant to gather real life experience through learning how to prep, cook, serve and work to develop skills in a professional setting.

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Training In The Classroom

Amal, working with many trained professionals, offers classes to our trainees in order to complement their training in the restaurant and beyond

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Special Classes

Amal partners with local organisations and international professionals to offer special classes for our trainees!

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