Aicha was raised in a strict family with a father who pulled her out of school to help her mom around the house when she was still young. Aicha’s childhood was confined mostly to her home and she was not permitted to go out much.

Most of her siblings married and moved out, leaving her to take care for one sister and her parents. For the past couple of years, Aicha’s mother struggled a great deal with cancer and passed away last year. Within the same month, her father was in an automobile accident and passed away as well, leaving her alone with her sister. A teenager with no experience and no means to keep their home, she was separated from her sister and sent to live among relatives, going from home to home of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Aicha didn’t have stability or control of her life. After training with us at Amal for four months, she learned kitchen skills and got experience in communicating with clients. Aicha gained self-confidence, learned how to speak up for herself and successfully graduated our program in May. Currently, Aicha is working full time as a cleaning staff at a villa in Marrakech. She has a steady income, a stable place to live and control of her life in her own hands.

We hope that with your help, we can support more women like her. #amalforwomen

Training Program

We empower trainees like Aicha to gain tools for her to succeed in the world of work

Training In The Restaurant

Our trainees work in our restaurant to gather real life experience through learning how to prep, cook, serve and work to develop skills in a professional setting.

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Training In The Classroom

Amal, working with many trained professionals, offers classes to our trainees in order to complement their training in the restaurant and beyond

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Special Classes

Besides regularly scheduled classes in the classroom, Amal partners with local organisations and international professionals to offer special classes for our trainees!

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